There is an increasing demand for the clean-up of contaminated sites. The decontamination of polluted sites in cold regions (polar and sub-polar regions, alpine regions) has received increasing interest in the past decade.

It is the objective of the conference to bring together scientists, students, engineers, environmental managers and companies who have a scientific or practical interest in contaminants in cold climates. The conference aims to present recent developments in science and technology for responsible management, remediation and prevention of contamination of soil and water in cold regions. The conference will also be a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences on all aspects of cold-adapted micro-organisms on an international scale.

The broad conference topics for oral and poster sessions include:

  • Arctic, Antarctic, sub-polar, and alpine sites
  • Contaminants from oil and gas operations, mining, military areas, wood treatment, landfills, and sewages in cold climates
  • Fundamental (physical, chemical, biological) properties of contaminated cold climate soils and other ecosystems
  • Ecology and biodiversity of contaminated cold terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • Cold-adapted micro-organisms: biodegradation and biotransformation of contaminants at low temperatures
  • Bioremediation technologies for cold sites
  • Methods: assessment and monitoring of bioremediation; long-term monitoring, remote sensing, risk assessment
  • Management of contaminated sites in European, American, Asian, Australian countries: strategies, technologies, remediation procedures
  • Permafrost and climate change: impact on decontamination.
  • Water and wastewater issues in polar environments.
  • Emerging threats

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